SPAM: Re: [Mono-devel-list] Operating System in C# Project

Elliot Paquette elbaami at
Wed May 25 00:10:52 EDT 2005

I think that's an excellent idea, Michael.  A few weeks back, I began
work on a managed window manager, mostly just to play around with
System.Drawing, but also because I think a project with that general
direction would be fairly exciting.  If there's such a project, count
me in! :)

Elliot Paquette

On 5/24/05, Michael J. Ryan <tracker1_lists at> wrote:
> Reading on this topic, what I think would be interesting would be a UI layer
> built on top of X for a managed-mostly UI ... from the desktop up essentially,
> leaving the under-layers to Linux/BSD + X11 and have the UI framework be
> managed code, to host processes running managed code.. in addition to a
> workaround to support managed .exe files directly.
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