[Mono-devel-list] Patch for System.Data.Common and System.Data.ProviderBase

Konstantin Triger kostat at mainsoft.com
Tue May 24 08:39:54 EDT 2005

Hello Uma,

You are absolutely right: having the same code base is very important. 
We think exactly like you do and all this effort is made in order to 
have the same code base. ProviderBase is the last namespace which we 
merge. Very soon after that we will add our "private" connected mode 
implementation into ".jvm" folders and completely switch our development 
to SVN.

The code styling is a very important issue. Good style just prevents 
bugs and makes development faster and easier. Any notes about bad code 
styling in our patches are welcome and will be fixed immediately.

Regarding the "_" prefix, well, I think omitting it IS a very bad style. 
Just because we already solved bugs (not in System.Data) related to 
misuse of private fields. The fact it's not in use everywhere in mono is 
bad in itself. We strive for better in System.Data, like Suresh said me :-).

In addition, on this occasion I would like to talk about reformatting of 
the code. There are many places where the files are DOS styled, spaces 
used instead of tabs etc. It just makes the maintainance more difficult, 
IDEs driving crazy, diffs and patches not working... I think that if we 
can make one special effort for fixing that, without changing the logic, 
we all will benefit in the long term.

Konstantin Triger

S Umadevi wrote:

>Hi Boris.
>  Nice to see that we are trying to get the providebase completed. 
>I saw Suresh's reply to the DbParameter.cs class. I guess most of the
>comments hold for the DbParameterCollection.cs class also..
>If we are writing up code separately and then merging them, I think we
>need to be more careful. Even in the previous index redesign checkin we
>had many such scenarios(Suresh's comments)  in files. But since we were
>merging lot of code we didnt want to burden you guys with additionally
>redoing only what is required..
>In future, is it possible that mainsoft has the same code as SVN? This
>way we would avoid the merge, and the problems emerging out of it..
>Also in most parts of the code, you would have noticed that we stick to
>guidelines or whatever is used in the file is very close the
>guidelines.... Given that we have many people contributing to it, it is
>easier to maintain the code if we leave the code style and convention 
>in every file the way it is, unless it very bad..
>Also note, most of the mono class libraries doesnot use the  "_"
>convention for private variables..
>>>>Boris Kirzner <borisk at mainsoft.com> 05/23/05 9:41 PM >>>
>Hello all
>Attached is a proposed patch for ProviderBase that implements some 
>additional functionality for provider base classes. It also required me
>to made a slight changes in System.Data.Common.
>Additional change is adding ExcptionHelper class.
>This work done towards move of Mainsoft codebase to SVN.
>Please respond with your comments before this patch is committed.

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