[Mono-devel-list] Arguments with spaces when starting external program through System.Diagnostics.Process

Sebastian Nowozin nowozin at gmail.com
Sat May 21 21:56:04 EDT 2005

Hello everybody,

I try to use the System.Diagnostics.Process class on Debian with Mono
1.1.6, to execute an external program, which takes as first parameter
an absolute pathname.  As I do not know anything about the pathname
except that it is a valid file, it may contain spaces.

I use Process.StartInfo.Arguments, which is of type string, to pass
the arguments.  However, I discovered that the Mono implementation of
the Process class seems to act like a shell in that it splits the
arguments on whitespaces.  I tried to escape spaces using '"' and "\
", with no success.  (The attached program illustrates the problem.)

Hence, my question:

Is it possible to explicitly escape the arguments, or - alternatively
- a way to explicitly set each argument vector on its own? (like
argv[1], argv[2], etc.)

Sebastian Nowozin
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