[Mono-devel-list] Re: [Mono-osx] [ANN] X-develop 1.0.1 with Mac OS X support

Hans Kratz kratz at omnicore.com
Fri May 13 00:43:17 EDT 2005


> What's the SVN module for Mono.Debugger?

It's "debugger", e.g. svn://svn.myrealbox.com/source/trunk/debugger for 
the anonymous SVN repository.

> What kind of platform-specific support is needed to get Mono.Debugger  
> working on Mac OS X?

I am not familiar enough with the Mono.Debugger code to answer that. The 
current maintainer of the Mono debugger library and the commandline 
debugger MDB, Chris Toshok, or someone else on mono-devel can probably 
tell you. I have cc'ed Chris and mono-devel on this mail.

Best regards,

Hans Kratz
Omnicore Software

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