[Mono-devel-list] OpenGL and Tao?

Terry L. Triplett terry at triplett.org
Tue May 3 23:27:24 EDT 2005

Judging from recent posts to some forums, Randy seems to be going through a difficult period.  Burnout, disillusion with project leadership, something else - I don't know.  Not my business.  The last post I recall suggested he was looking for someone to take over the project.  In recent days, taoframework.com redirects to a page on the mono site, suggesting Tao is being donated/passed on to the Mono Project.  Maybe Tao is to be the standard OpenGL wrapper for Mono. Not a bad idea since the code lives in the Mono SVN repository already.  But there hasn't been any official word on this.  I suspect information on the future of Tao will be forthcoming eventually, so advise patience.  On the other hand, being in the dark is no fun either, so if anyone has any info they can share, it would be appreciated.

Mongoose wrote:

>I've tried to contact Randy Ridge about Tao, and all
>his domains and email are now dead.  Is Tao no longer
>I'm also wondering if anyone in mono is working on a
>standard OpenGL wrapper API. 

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