[Mono-devel-list] Re: [PATCH] Fix for stack walk

Sebastien Pouliot sebastien at ximian.com
Mon May 2 16:34:55 EDT 2005


My last patch wasn't ok as it was still possible for some data to be
collected. So the new code allocates a MonoArray with a base value and
double the array size if it runs out of space.

After some gnumeric-fu, the default array length for the stack has been
set to 6 - but this is likely to change in the future (i.e. once more
permissions checks are present in corlib).

New patch is attached.

On Wed, 2005-04-27 at 08:56 -0400, Sebastien Pouliot wrote:
> Hello,
> This patch fix a bug where a security stack frame could be collected
> before it's intended time. The frames are now allocated (without the GC)
> until we know on many there are, then copied (i.e. reallocated with the
> GC), kept in a MonoArray and returned to managed code.
> The MonoAppDomain information has also been added to the structure. This
> will allow some limited (bug #74411) appdomain-cas-fu (i.e. sandbox).
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