[Mono-devel-list] Continuous Optimization: Update

Thomas Harning Jr. harningt at gmail.com
Mon May 2 14:48:14 EDT 2005

Awesome work, I'm happy to see that someone's working to make AMD64 a true winner in the Mono/.Net world.  I bet even M$ hasn't even gotten continuous optimization in.
A question... do you know how this would work with multiple processors?  Like... suppose you are running an application and it deems it needs to recompile some functions, would it potentially offload that recompiling work to the other processor while running the application normally [suppose it's a single-threaded app].
In a multi-threaded app, halting progress at a recompile might not be so bad, as long as it doesnt need to stop the entire process.

Well, in any case, I'll have to check out this preliminary work more in depth after finals.

Thomas Harning Jr.

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