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Zac Bowlng zac at zacbowling.com
Mon May 2 13:13:41 EDT 2005

New GtkEmbedMoz for win32 is taking a bit longer then I hoped. Dang thing
doesn't build as nicely as it used to with the newer Mozilla libs. I hope to
drop the need for the GRE but it means getting everything as exact as
possible in order to get binary compatibility in most cases. I think I
solved most issues though. Should release a beta soon on
http://zacbowling.com/projects/gtkembedmoz/ that should be compatable with
Mozilla 1.7.5> and Firefox 1.0.3> (even though the firefox method I can't
support since the firefox GRE is meant to be a private GRE). More to come!




Zac Bowling


Match.com International

Senior Developer of Communication Systems


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