[Mono-devel-list] mono 1.1.8 - monodebug - what do i need to do tomake it run?

Gary M. Smithrud gary.smithrud at haley.com
Thu Jun 30 13:00:27 EDT 2005

Yes, they will coexist, but you need to make sure that the correct
libraries are being accessed by mono ( and not 1.1.4).  Mono, the
shell script, does this, but I think that it might not set things at the
beginning of PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH and the alternate version can be
retrieved instead.  I just removed the old mono when I installed
(noticed this with 1.1.7).  You will need to check, since I am not
running Linux at the moment.  

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the "installer for all linux versions" is what i used to install the
latest mono version (

i'm using suse 9.3 pro.

several questions please:

1. mono (version 1.1.4?) was installed as part of the suse 9.3 install.
i didnt uninstall it because the readme for suggests it will
co-exist with older versions. do you know if that is true?

2. i actually want to get to the state where i'm running monodevelop
with mdb integrated but had thought i'd go step-by-step. what do i need
to do to run autogen? (exact commands please). i have a c# app i want to
try moving over to linux but i cant really do much without a debugger.


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