[Mono-devel-list] EventLog and syslog

Vorobiev Maksim MVorobiev at croc.ru
Wed Jun 29 04:32:55 EDT 2005

Good day.
To the discussion of Syscall.syslog. Why System.Diagnostic.EventLog was
not implemented for Unixes on top of syslog? I think it should be most
common logging subsystem. Was It not just implemented or it's a project
decision? There is a comment in code, that it should be some sort of
XML-logging. But there is no standart XML log subsystem at this time for
unixes. May be it's good to include syslog-based implementation and add
to the configuration script choose for user - to use "empty"
implementation or use syslog one? In future if it will support other
logging services, it can be extended.
If it's OK, I can supply syslog-based implementation.
Perhaps, one day here'll be mono-based standalone logging service
replacing syslog with XML support and other cool features. :))))
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