[Mono-devel-list] Guidelines: Application Deployment; Feedback requested.

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Sun Jun 26 20:47:36 EDT 2005


> How about putting "$@" after to pass arguments? We could also give it in
> the form so that it can be created by configure:


> Of course, one other advantage of non-gac'd installs is that they are
> more relocatable. In fact, you could do xcopy deploy that way. It really
> only makes sense to use the GAC if what you are deploying is a shared
> library, right?

See the section on "When to use the GAC" for full details.

> Some other things that might be worth talking about:
>       * Storing application settings (how to use S.Environment to get a
>         location for preferences. Having both global and per user prefs)

Do you have pointers to that?  I do not know how to use any of it.

>       * What to do if your application also has a C component?

Expanded on that subject.

>       * Providing pkg-config files (for libraries)
>       * lib/APPLICATION vs lib/mono/APPLICATION (I don't even understand
>         this ;-)

Both of these are covered in our "GAC" document (linked from it)

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