spam: suspected: Re: [Mono-devel-list] patch for nunit support for xmlconf

Andrew Skiba andrews at
Sun Jun 26 11:34:07 EDT 2005

Atsushi Eno wrote:

> If you didn't need any comments, then you could just commit things.
> But since you didn't do that, then what you asked is all readers'
> comments. I'm just a reader here, without mentioning any kind of
> "permission" and I think your way of answering is weird. No?

Of course, I wanted comments, that's why I sent the patch to the list. I 
just was afraid it will not have too much response. The next time I will 
post it during the Boston working week.

>     - if it is integrated into "make run-test" in the
>       containing directory (i.e. in mcs/class/System.XML).

No, it's not integrated. Now I understand, what confused in my message.

>     - if it is to generate a TestFixture class which contains
>       Test case methods.

Impossible to make. w3c opens different files but the code that opens is 
the same. If I'd write regular TestFixture class, it would look like:

class C {
public void f1 () {
public void f2 () {

And so on, 3000 testcases.

>     - if it reports "failure" on "you should remove fixed bugs
>       from list" cases (I mentioned above), since when it
>       is standalone tests it dictates us to do that.

Sorry, I did not understand what do you mean here. How is it related to 

> Not all of readers would read the entire patch. They will first
> check ChangeLog (and/or the post itself) and see if it is
> significant for themselves or not. If that is not understandable,
> then they will ask what it means. That's what I did.

That's OK, but I did not understand question in your first mail.

> See how Rafi answered to the question, which clarifies things.

Yes, Rafi gave good reference.


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