[Mono-devel-list] Installing mono using rug

John Bailo jabailo at texeme.com
Sat Jun 25 23:15:13 EDT 2005

According to the go-mono website, the best way to install mono is using rug.

I downloaded and installed the rug rpms and ran the commands as specified 


Yet, the process did not seem to install monodevelop.

Is there a rug command to do so?

I then downloaded the devtools.zip, and when trying to install monodevelop it 
threw a package dependency for gtk-sharp, so apparently rug did not install 
that either.

Then I downloaded th gtk-sharp zip and tried to install it and it asked for a 
PERL-XML common library.   I did a search using YOU and it seemed to be 
installed already.

So, wassup with installing mono?

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