[Mono-devel-list] Will Mono run on Playstation 3

Peter De Jager peterdj at telkomsa.net
Fri Jun 24 13:17:45 EDT 2005

Hi Bram
Not sure I understand you correctly when you say that Xbox will run on MSIL
processors. The Xbox will use a custom IBM PowerPC-based CPU
(http://www.xbox.com/en-US/xbox360/factsheet.htm) while the PS3 is based on
a PowerPC-based Cell Processor
(http://www.ps3portal.com/?page=ps3_tech_specs), i.e. essentially the same
chip (incidentally, the new Nintendo also uses a Big Blue CPU).
The main difference in philosophy is that Sony has announced that PS3 will
come with Linux pre-installed on the (optional) hard drive
putersayssony.html), while MS is apparently using security chips etc. to
prevent anyone from running an OS on Xbox 360, after the Linux community
managed to run it on the first Xbox ;-)
Sure, the 2 teraflops is on the PS3 GPU, not the CPU, but with PS3 running
Linux what I would like to know is whether Mono will also run on it. I.e. is
the PowerPC chip in PS3 sufficiently different from current Mac's that it
won't run, or sufficiently similar that it will? Are there any plans for a


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On 6/24/05, Peter De Jager <peterdj at telkomsa.net> wrote: 

Is the Playstation 3 architecture (Power PC) similar enough to current Mac
CPU's to allow Mono to run on PS3? With 2 teraflops (!) and sony announcing
support for Linux, it will be great to be able to run Mono on a
supercomputer :-)
Are there any plans for Mono on PS3?

I do not know how it should be done. But I do know you don't want to use a
PS3 when the Xbox 2 will have about the same speed but will run on MSIL
processors :|. I really hope there will be a linux .net one day.

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