[Mono-devel-list] reduced size package

Andrew a1 at firenet.uk.net
Fri Jun 24 05:27:49 EDT 2005

Hi everyone

I'm new to the list, residing in the UK and trying to get a small .NET 
application to run correctly under MONO.

At present my question is about the possibility of using a small part of 

The .NET application I wish to deliver by download is very simple, and 
must surely use only a very small part of the MONO runtime. Is it 
possible to put together a package which contains only that much of the 
MONO runtime that this program needs? Well, ok, anything is possible, 
but is it readily doable, or even feasible? I have a certain amount of 
C/UNIX programming experience, but no real experience of deploying 
sofware to market and making it available to run on different platforms.

I have searched the archives, but found nothing of relevance, but my 
apologies if the question has already been addressed.

Best regards

Andrew Soltau

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