[Mono-devel-list] autogen/bootstrap "variable not defined" errors

Scott Walters scottw512 at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 22 22:50:49 EDT 2005


I can build ok with the source tarballs (./configure, make, etc...) but 
lately I've been trying to run bootstrap on the latest from svn to add 
optional packages to the make and consistently have problems with variable 
not defined errors.  The latest is from gtk-sharp.  The variable it's 
looking for is VTE_LIBS. I have a folder /usr/lib/libvte4 which I assume is 
what it's supposed to be set to.  I've tried exporting it in the env, adding 
it to vte/glue/Makefile.am and adding it to header-vars.am in the automake 
folder.  When I add it to header-vars.am, I can see the definition show up 
in vte/glue/Makfile.in, but I still get the error. I can't think of anything 
else to try right now so any help is greatly appreciated.


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