[Mono-devel-list] [Patch] System.Collections.Generic List improvements

David Waite dwaite at gmail.com
Mon Jun 20 03:20:34 EDT 2005

Attached are 'substantial' changes in the List implementation,
including a 9-fold increase in tests (written while verifying behavior
in the 2005 beta 2 implementation of List<T>)

2005-06-20  David Waite  <mass at akuma.org>

    * List.cs : substantial changes and optimizations
    (AddCollection, AddEnumerable): new internal specializations of AddRange
    (AsReadOnly): returns specific IList<T> to match ms.net 2.0b2 api.
    (Clear): reset size to zero on clear
    (ConvertAll): catch null converter, use Add to prevent OutOfBounds
    (FindAll, FindIndex, FindLast, FindLastIndex, RemoveAll, TrueForAll):
    check for null match
    (FindLastIndex): correct index parameters based on ms.net 2005b2 behavior
    (ForEach): catch null action
    (CheckIndex): new internal function similar to CheckRange for functions
    which only provide a starting index
    (InsertCollection, InsertEnumerable): new internal specializations of
    (ReadOnlyList): removed, ReadOnlyCollection in
    System.Collections.ObjectModel is used instead now
    * ListTest.cs: Substantial new tests

-David Waite
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