[Mono-devel-list] Patch for System.DirectoryServices

Boris Kirzner borisk at mainsoft.com
Sun Jun 19 10:20:38 EDT 2005

Hello all,
Attached is a patch for System.DirectoryServices.
The main points of this patch are (the detailed explanation resides in 
corresponding changelogs):

_System.DirectoryServices\DirectoryEntry: _
    * Reimplemented properties loading, affects properties caching feature.
    * Added ADsPath property, that always represents an actual ADsPath 
of the entry, in opposite to Path property that always stays the same 
user-specified value.
    * Implemented rootDse feature:
        - An entries pointing to server rootDse entry can be loaded and 
queried by user.
        -  If user does not specifies the path of an entry, the default 
naming context is loaded from default LDAP server rootDse entry.
    * Implemented default LDAP server feature: user has an ability to 
specify the address and the port of the default LDAP server on his 
network using app config. If user does not specify this, the default 
LDAP server localhost:389 is used. Thus, creating an entry with no path 
specified means creating an entry on default server default naming 
context (as .NET does).
_System.DirectoryServices\Test\System.DirectoryServices_: since native 
.NET LDAP provided works only with URLs beginning with "LDAP://", and, 
in opposite to this, RFC2255 states LDAP URL should begin with 
"ldap://", we use a case-insensitive compare on entry path.

_System.DirectoryServices_: Added sample app config file that 
illustrates the way of specifying default LDAP server information.

If no one objects, I'll commit


Boris Kirzner
Mainsoft Corporation

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