[Mono-devel-list] [PATCH] Reworked unified Locale classes

Kornél Pál kornelpal at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 15 15:25:44 EDT 2005

> From: Ben Maurer
>> I saw it on the command line, but is it safe to assume that INSIDE_CORLIB
>> is
>> allways defined when mscorlib.dll is compiled and INSIDE_CORLIB is never
>> defined when any other assemblies are compiles?
> Yes.

OK, thanks.

>> Seems to be good.
>> It was a good decission to leave Locale.cs of Managed.Windows.Forms alone
>> yet and to move MonoTODOAttribute.cs along with Locale.cs.
> The MWF one I didn't move yet because it had a method that I did not
> understand. Eventually, it should be migrated as well.

I told you that it was a good decission because I think so.:)
By the way it has a several things but only GetResource is used and is

I sent "[PATCH] New Locale.cs" to this list. Later I reallized that
ResourceSet don't has to be thread safe and I attached a modified version to
this message. This Locale.cs has a GetResource method as well and implements
resource handling but behaves like gettext (). For more information please
see message "[PATCH] New Locale.cs". Not that I did not remove Locale.cs
from MWF using the diff file to make it more clear but it should be removed.

Please review and if you (and/or anybody else) think so please approve the

> in MCS we have:
>                <File
>                    RelPath = "CryptoConvert.cs"
>                    Link =
> "..\class\corlib\Mono.Security.Cryptography\CryptoConvert.cs"
>                    SubType = "Code"
>                    BuildAction = "Compile"
>                />
> Maybe that would work.

This does not work in VS.NET. Files has to be in the directory or
subdirectories of the project.

> It's not a smart idea to duplicate this code even once. We *will* forget
> to update it, and will end up with problems.

The copies should not be checked in SVN but should be considered to copy
these files using the makefile to make VS.NET projects work.

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