[Mono-devel-list] CLS compliance

Olaf Monien olaf at atozed.com
Wed Jun 15 07:43:35 EDT 2005

> I don't understand why you stick to the conclusion that those
> case insensitive languages can, or must be able to, access to
> non-CLSCompliant types without problem, without "discussion if
> casesensitivity makes sense or not".

I see casesensitivity as some kind of personal preferences. Use it if
you want, but in this case it produces problems just for no reason.
There are a lot of other valid reasons why a certain class might be
non-cls compliant. For public identifiers case sensitivity is just a bad
design, as it does not have any technical reasons.

> Portability vs. API stability; I agree that those member
> signatures are good but what you are claiming is to change
> public interfaces that is already published.

This is the one and only reason why to leave it as it is right now. But
remember, mono and .net are all about portability. If leaving the
portability path (for no reason), then you basically remove one of the
core .net/mono pillars.

> I think this change should not be done, since that type
> *explicitly* says that it is not portable and thus people can
> expect what happens if they try to use it, while those people
> who already use those members in MiniParser should not get
> stuck with *unexpected* API changes.

I agree to the API arguement, but again: non cls compliant code should
be written very carefully. Only where *really* needed.

> BTW if you are using MiniParser it is not maintained anymore. In
> this case you could copy SmallXmlParser from mscorlib and use it
> instead (this time really, unlike Matthijs' case).

Ok. This case thing should be taken into account for future development
then, as it provides better/wider portabillity at no efforts.

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