AW: [Mono-devel-list] System.DllNotFoundException in Windows.forms

Ben Maurer bmaurer at
Tue Jun 14 12:59:33 EDT 2005

On Tue, 2005-06-14 at 10:49 -0600, Peter Dennis Bartok wrote:
> My wild guess would be that Ben Maurers attempt to remove a dependency on 
> X11-devel libraries, and his multiple subsequent attempts and undoing the 
> breakage of his fix could be a reason why it used to work but no longer 
> does.
> You can always check your mono.config file and make sure that the x11 
> library mapping in there is accurate. Also note the env vars I pointed out 
> in another post, which allow you to trace the loading process and see what 
> it can't find.

Anyone who still has problems with this should:
      * Make sure they have a recent build. Basically, you should be
        past the 1.1.8 tag.
      * Make sure they have the X development package.
      * Do a clean build

If you still have problems please send:
      * config.log
      * data/config
      * the output of ldd `which xterm`
      * What distro you are on

Am sorry this is causing a few people problems. But this change is
really needed to ensure that users can use winforms. Without this
change, users would be required to download development libraries that
are not in the default install to get stuff working.

-- Ben

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