[Mono-devel-list] Re: Analysis of W3C regressions

Andrew Skiba andrews at mainsoft.com
Tue Jun 14 07:08:16 EDT 2005


Atsushi Eno wrote:
> Hi Andrew,
> Now things should be fixed (actually those

The svn latest show 42 failures, so your fix made the trick.

> There is still a case that your W3C test says regression,
> but am not sure what this means. Here I paste the entire content:
> *** Test failed:    rmt-e2e-15h    type:invalid 
> nonValidatingPassed:True,validatingPassed:True   
> Element content can't contain entity reference if replacement text is
> character reference to whitespace

This says that the test is invalid, so non-validating parsers must 
succeed and validating MUST fail. Here you see 
nonValidatingPassed:True,validatingPassed:True. So the problem is that 
validating parser did not fail. Then follows the description of the test 
from the catalog ("Element content..."), that may help to find the problem.

> Maybe description on what is logged onto "failed.lst" (in README)
> would be helpful? :-)

I'll add to the readme the description of the output after I finish my 
current task.

Thank you,

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