[Mono-devel-list] MSBuild implementation and Google Summer of code

Marcus mathpup at mylinuxisp.com
Mon Jun 13 22:48:26 EDT 2005

MS's implementation does not use the XmlSerializer class to read and parse the 
project build files.

I have not been able to find detailed information about many aspects of 
MSBuild. Some of the "big picture" items are covered in articles, but there 
are many methods those precise effect is not clear. The docs that I have 
found are mostly stubs with no substantial description.

On Monday 13 June 2005 2:38 pm, Marek Sieradzki wrote:
> 2. Am i right with that: MSBuild implementation should consist of 3
> parts: xml parser(using XmlSerializer), classes from 4 above mentioned
> namespaces and a command line tool?
> 3. Which documentation should I use? There are(in MSDN): .NET Framework
> reference about Longhorn and some notes about msbuild app.
> 4. What about methods typical to Win32 API? Like
> Microsoft.Build.Utilities.ToolLocationHelper.GetDotNetFrameworkRootRegistry
>Key(). 5. Is anyone able to contact with Rob Tillie
> <rob.tillie at student.tul.edu>? He started the implementation that is
> available in svn/md.

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