[Mono-devel-list] Object Browser / Reflector in Mono

Paul Betts betts.62 at osu.edu
Sun Jun 12 11:22:30 EDT 2005

I've been looking around, and I can't seem to find any application that
acts like VS 2003/SharpDevelop's object browser. Obviously this would
come in handy for anyone trying to do development and if one does not
exist, I would like to write it using System.Reflection or maybe Cecil;
I would also like to submit this as a project for Google's "Summer of
Code" (I'm a Junior at The Ohio State University). If that's not
possible, I'd still like to write it anyways. Thoughts? Comments?

EDIT: I found Radek Doulek's object browser, is this project still being
worked on? If it's pretty complete, one thing I'd like to do is
integrate it into SharpDevelop. 

Paul Betts
betts.62 at osu.edu

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