[Mono-devel-list] System.Web/System.Web.UI - patch (code synchronization between Mono and Mainsoft)

Ilya Kharmatsky ilyak at mainsoft.com
Fri Jun 10 18:46:52 EDT 2005

>What if you split up such arrays. IE:
>struct X {
>   int a; int b; int c;
>X [] foo;
>Turns into:
>int foo_A [];
>int foo_B [];
>int foo_C [];
It is complicated task in perspective of our conveter - if it will use 
you suggestion, it should
remember the context of each foo_X array (in order for example to call 
proper functions etc.)

>The optimization of handling structs should take place in the .net ->
>java converter, not in our source code.
And if usage of structs in specific place in our source code is 
optional? I'm talking about /specific/
case. This is  not general proposal for optimization in every place,  
where arrays of structs are used!

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