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Michael Cadilhac michael.cadilhac at lrde.epita.fr
Thu Jun 9 19:56:55 EDT 2005

(This message was originally sent to Miguel de Icaza)

  As you  may remember, the LRDE  (http://www.lrde.epita.fr) planed to
  use monoburg for its Tiger Compiler (http://tiger.lrde.epita.fr).

  As we have some specific needs, we modified it a little bit. Clément
  Vasseur and  Benoit Perrot told  me that you're interested  in using
  our patches in the Mono project.

  The  work  is now  advanced  and I  was  wondering  if you're  still
  interested  in our  modifications.   Our part  of  the ChangeLog  is
  attached.  Please note that we kept a full back compatibility.

  We plan to make further changes in monoburg.


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