[Mono-devel-list] using GLX with C#

Pierre Brunet brunet at ocre.cea.fr
Thu Jun 9 10:54:25 EDT 2005


    I've made a sublayer that embed several Mono in several pthread to 
run C# SPMD program over NUMA. I 've not made yet the communication lib 
(I just use pipe now to communicate between different Mono).
To illustrate my work I need a scientific computation program (I have 
it) and a graphic porgram... that's where is the pb...

I know TAO framework, which is good, but I can't use GLUT to draw openGL 
primitives from different threads, I need GLX to get rendering context 
and device context to allow my several Mono (which are in different 
pthread) draw openGL in a same window.

So my question is, is there anybody knows how to use GLX functions in a 
C# program ???

Thanks a lot, Pierre.

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