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I’m trying to use a new ASP.NET 2.0 feature, Master Pages. I’m having
few problems.

First : I have created a master page with a public property. I need to
access the property from the content pages, so I add the following tag
<%@ MasterType VirtualPath="~/MyMasterPage.master" %> in my content
page. I end up with an “Only one page allowed” error, when I try to
access the content page.

The fact is it works fine under Visual Web Dev Express. Do I miss


Second minor problem

I define a contentplaceholder in the master page, I place a default
message between the beginning and closing tag.

In a content page I do NOT define a content referencing the
contentplaceholder of the master page, the default text is displayed, it
is normal behaviour.

In another content page I DO define a content referencing the
contentplaceholder and affect a message, the default text message is
displayed along with the overriding message, but it should not display
the default message. Does someone has an explanation ?





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