Spam: Re: [Mono-devel-list] minor xslttest makefile patch

Atsushi Eno atsushi at
Mon Jun 6 09:37:08 EDT 2005

Hi again,

Here is the further analysis.

>  > ConflictResolution__77902
>  > Elements__89171
>  > Elements__89177
>  > Include__77736
>  > Include_Include_IncludedStylesheetShouldHaveDifferentBaseUri
>  > Include_RelUriTest1
>  > Output__84011
>  > Text__78309
> Apparently your sed script needs more lovely fix.
> Can you make sure that there is no difference between the old
> catalog.xml which you removed from svn and what you generate
> today via the sed script?

Well, it is not analysis ;) Any progress or difficulty on fixage?

>  > FormatNumber_FormatNumberWithPattern.00
>  > FormatNumber_FormatNumberWithPattern.000
>  > XSLTFunctions_RoundTripNumber_UsingStringFn
> Ok, there seems a bug in either DecimalFormat.cs or mscorlib number
> formatting. I'll try to make a repro on custom NumberFormatInfo.

As I talked to you on IRC, I think the first two tests are invalid
and they should be rejected (neither of Mono and MS.NET does).
According to JDK 1.1 DecimalFormat, ".00" is invalid (since it
does not contain Integer part in front of '.').

Sadly, Sun's JDK accepts ".00" as its input, while something
similar is already reported to bugparade:

so it will be incorrectly accepted if you just use Sun's
DecimalFormat class.

As for XSLTFunctions_RoundTripNumber_UsingStringFn, there seems
different behavior on decimal roundtrip formatting. I remember
(and have) your patch for that case, which is sadly still not
working. I'll dig into it later.

>  > Output_HtmlOutputWithAmpersandCurlyBracket
>  > Output_HtmlWithTwoAdjacentEscapedAmpersands
> There seems a bug maybe on determining output method, or just a
> bug in HTML outputter (I doubt former one).

As Andrew did a cool analysis on the exact behavior of MS.NET
that only something like selected="selected" and checked="checked"
are omitted. But what we need is to conform to XSLT specification.
Here is the related part of the spec I think:

	The html output method should output boolean attributes
	(that is attributes with only a single allowed value that
	is equal to the name of the attribute) in minimized form.
	For example, a start-tag written in the stylesheet as

	<OPTION selected="selected">

	should be output as

	<OPTION selected>

Here the exact meaning of "boolean" attribute is not obvious, but
at least "selected" attribute on "option" element must be
boolean attributes here.

Atsushi Eno

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