[Mono-devel-list] xslttest patch

RafaelMizrahi rafim at mainsoft.com
Mon Jun 6 02:43:38 EDT 2005

I cannot find 'should', either ;)

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Atsushi Eno wrote:
>  > The purpose of the patch is to make this suite as similar as
>  > possible to w3c suite.
> Please explain what it exactly means.

It accepts now the same files, like knownFailures, fixme, etc., as the 
W3C testsuite. The output is also unified with w3c. It's easier to use 
testsuites with similar input-output conventions. In addition, it fixes 
the bug with too many open files, and provides much more information 
about which testcases were fixed, which regressed, which tests took more 
time to perform, and the summary at the end, with number of testcases 
that passed, failed, regressed, etc. Again, all those things already 
present in W3C, now I added them to this testsuite, too. Just run the 
testcase before and after the patch, the difference is obvious. BTW, 
please use the patch I attached now, it fixes a typo.

> At least I will fix those messages (unless you fix by yourself)

The messages I just copied from w3c testsuite, as they are. So if you 
want to fix them, let's fix in both places.

> To understand why, I hope the link below would help you.
> http://www.mono-project.com/Special:Search?search=must&fulltext=Search

Do you mean that mono project never uses word "must"? Please, tell me 
how would you write those messages.


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