[Mono-devel-list] Contributing Mainsoft System.Web test suite

RafaelMizrahi rafim at mainsoft.com
Fri Jun 3 05:55:28 EDT 2005

Hi Gonzalo,
Using NUnit as the harness and the tests as a web application, is indeed one
of the options. 

The NUnit (acting as a System.Net client), need to have the following

* GET a web page (use System.NET)
* Extract the elements which participate in the test (we used DIV with ID
starting with a known prefix (for example TESTxxx)). You don't need the
whole BODY.
* XHTML in order to transform the HTML into a well formed XML. (we used
* Customized Clean the XML. To remove elements which can fail the test. For
example, ID attributes that are generated by the server, that can be
different on every GET.
* XMLDiff the result with an expected result generated previously using IIS.
We used Microsoft XMLDiffPatch. We can evaluate the XMLUnit project, and/or
create some sort of XMLAssert.

> Why don't we get just a few of those tests
I have attached small GET examples.
We have only small amount of POST tests, and I believe that it is best to
leave them out of this scope for now, since it involves extra
infrastructure. We will cover them using automatic web application testing.


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Hi Rafi!

Not much to say here, but...
      * We could have a few helper method/classes and still run
        everything inside nunit.
      * Use System.Net to retrieve the documents

Why don't we get just a few of those tests (say 1 GET, 1 POST, 1 with
multiple POST...) and develop whatever is needed to do all the steps in
your document for them?


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