[Mono-devel-list] mono logotype design

Andreas Kwiatkowski post at kwiat.org
Fri Jun 3 04:36:13 EDT 2005

After having discussed the mono icon's stylistic appearence on mono's
wiki (mono-project.com, in the upper left corner) with some other people 
(Ben Maurer et al.)
on #mono two days ago, we thought of perhaps replacing the current white
beveled monkey head on the website with a plain logo without
overexciting layer effects.

After getting the SVG file I tried to do a cleanup of it's vector paths
consisting of many unneeded points and ended up with a slightly
different version of the icon. I then decided to do a complete redrawing
from scratch with using a photography of a monkey's head as a reference.

I uploaded the final results to my server at
http://www.kwiat.org/mono.png. It would be nice if you would take a look
at it and afterwards tell me what you think of this somewhat unintended
outcome... :)

With regards,
post at kwiat.org

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