[Mono-devel-list] Determine the name and/or kind of CLI runtimeenvironment

Jonathan Gilbert 2a5gjx302 at sneakemail.com
Wed Jun 1 11:12:06 EDT 2005

At 12:16 PM 01/06/2005 +0200, Kornél wrote:
>There seems not to be a good way to determine the name and version of the
>runtime, but I think the above code is good enough.
>> From: Ben Maurer
>> No, not today (other than my --version hack, which actually isn't all
>> that bad).
>--version seems to be the only way to obtain the version of Mono runtime.
>But using bash is not a good idea I think as it makes the code bash
>I tested this code on Windows and should work on Linux as well. Windows
>executes the same mono.exe as Windows searches the directory of the
>executable (mono.exe in this case) for the executable. I think this is not
>the same on Linux. How could it be ensured to execute the same mono?

I have to point out that this would not be an issue if the following bug
were fixed the way I recommend:


Mono would automatically reuse itself when using Process.Start to invoke
other .NET binaries. I seriously can't think of many cases where you'd want
to force the use of a *different* runtime. =/

Jonathan Gilbert

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