[Mono-devel-list] Development of OpenSSL Wrapper for use with MONO [as well as MS.Net]

Thomas Harning Jr. harningt at gmail.com
Sun Jul 31 16:33:24 EDT 2005

I've begin developing a wrapper around OpenSSL and have successfully
wrapped the Hashing functionality with little trouble.

My next stage is wrapping the Symmetric encryption functionality.
Unlike the other EVP based encryption methods in OpenSSL, it does
not offer a function to dynamically allocate the state structure.
I'd rather avoid having to develop a wrapper dll just to allocate a
Any suggestion as to how to allocate the EVP_CIPHER_CTX structure?
It has pointers in it, so if I were to allocate it within Mono with
Marshal.AllocHGlobal I'd have to at least set it to check the size
of pointers.
Has anyone worked with OpenSSL for a while?  It'd be good to know if
that structure has changed or is likely to change.

My final step is to setup the RSA, DH, and DSA encryption. (DH isn't
necessary to complete the System.Security.Cryptography namespace for
Mono).  With .Net 1.x it seems that DSA is an un-inheritable class
due to its internal constructor.
How should I work around this issue?
My current idea is to create a class to inherit from DSA that will
be included in the Mono compilation process that will take advantage
of the publicly usable wrapper class.

Thanks for any suggestions.
Thomas Harning Jr.
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