[Mono-devel-list] Printing status and reporting engine

Toni Martir toni at pala.com
Sat Jul 30 08:05:56 EDT 2005


1. Time line for printing implementation classes (StandardPrintController
2. Your preferences,opinions,use of reporting engine for your applications.



I'm the main developer of an opensource reporting engine:


I'm in the process of testing a possible port to c#, Mono and Microsoft.Net.
I implemented few required classes with success:
- Variant class:with operator overload implemeted (why is it not on standard
runtime classes?)
- Expression evaluator:exp.parser+exp.evaluator with access to dataset
fields, that is to provide runtime expression evaluation like

I'm on the process of printing tests, I see status of printing classes is
about 50%, I tested simple printouts on Linux without success (message
Document 001.jpg is shown on console and nothing print).

I want to know about implementation plans (timeline?) for printing classes:
PrintPreviewDialog (in Winforms).
I have no information about status of important functions like

I'm also interested about mono developers tools, I'm new to mono and don't
know which reporting engine you use actually, or plans to implement a
similar tool. I know really few developers using Mono or .Net for desktop

Note that some parts of the engine are not really dificult to port, like PDF
output generation (once I find correct functions for text measurement), and
maybe really useful for server side applications.


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