[Mono-devel-list] mcs

Christian Hoeglinger ntsh at aon.at
Fri Jul 29 12:07:45 EDT 2005


As part of a project I have to study the mcs, especially those  
structures corresponding to a symbol table, which shall later be used  
in a source code analyzer. In the mcs, those symbol-table-like data  
structures are just parts of the tree created when parsing. To get  
some snapshots of these data-structures it would be fine to simply  
dump the tree and watch its contents, because using a debugger is  
quite cumbersome in this case.

There is this ITreeDump Interface in tree.cs in line 16,  but it is  
never implemented. Maybe anyone (of the developers) has used this for  
debugging purposes when writing the compiler and later, when  
everything went stable, removed those additional code. I'd be quite  
grateful to get access to such code or otherwise some information on  
how this whole tree used to be debugged when writing the compiler.

I hope that anyone can help me out here, otherwise I'll have to  
implement my own methods for dumping, which will take some time I guess.



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