[Mono-devel-list] [off topic] mono/.net pure managed wrapper libraries

Dominik Pich Dominik at pich.info
Thu Jul 28 13:32:21 EDT 2005

Ok, I'm aware this is offtopic but hey :) it is _RELATED_ to mono in  
so far that I think about using it :P

So... my situation:
I have managed code written using ms .NET which uses MS managed  
wrapper for WMP.
I'd like to port that code to osx using mono and as I then dont have  
WMP but QuickTime, I thought I'd write a wrapper that on WINDOWS uses  
WMP and on OSX uses QuickTime.
So far so good... ;)

Instead of:
on Windows I got:    MyApp -> managed WMP -> WMP
on OSX I got:            MyApp -> managed QuickTime -> QuickTime
I add the add. 'wrapper layer' so I have a common API:
on Win/osx:               MyApp -> managed Media Player -> managed  
WMP (win) -> WMP
                            -> managed QuickTime (osx) -> Quicktime

Now Im thinking about the performance decrease of such an add.  
'wrapper layer' and wonder if I could 'inline' it ... so I dont have  
the wrapper in the compiled code:

I write:
and it compiles to either

... or do I worry to much?

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