[Mono-devel-list] System.Drawing.RectangleF

Jordi Mas jordi at ximian.com
Wed Jul 27 03:37:38 EDT 2005

El dt 26 de 07 del 2005 a les 05:16 -0700, en/na Andrew Skiba va
> Hello again.
> I'm wondering, what was the reason of changing RectangleF.IsEmpty in
> revision 45642? Before this change, mono behaved same as dotnet, why it
> was necessary to change this behaviour? Now there is test in
> TestRectangleF.cs that fails on dotnet, because it expects RectangleF
> (25, 25, 0, 0) to return IsEmpty == false, while on dotnet it returns
> true.

You right Andrew. Thanks for pointing this out. I wrongly assumed that
RectangleF and Rectangle where sharing the same logic for the IsEmpty
property. I fixed Rectangle.IsEmpty correctly but I screw up
RectangleF.IsEmpty. Revision 47739 should fix this.


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