[Mono-devel-list] Found a bug in DrawBeziers in Graphics.cs (I think...)

Heinz Mueller heinz.mueller at fujitsu-siemens.com
Mon Jul 25 07:36:05 EDT 2005

Hi all,
at first a short introduction: my name and Company you can see below,
I dabble around with Mono mre or less in my free time :-).
To get a grip on it I wrote some short programs of my own (nothing
special) and try to get to run sample programs from books
(e.g. Programming Windows with C# (Charles Petzold), Programming
in the key of C# (same author), Mono - a Developers Notebook
(Edd Dumbill).

Now to the subject: when trying out a program from the fist
mentioned book (a clock with Bezier spline hands with System.Drawing)
I got an value out of range exception in the points array of
I looked up the source and I think the DrawBeziers for loop should
start with
for (i=0;(i+3)<length;i+=3)...
or the first statement should be
if (i == (length -1)) break;

How do you think?

Regards, Heinz
Heinz Mueller heinz.mueller at fujitsu-siemens.com
Tel: (+49)5251 815137 Fax: ... 816106
Disclaimer: All opinions above are my own (at least I think so ;-))

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