[Mono-devel-list] mono Cygwin build fail on CSC error CS1904

Atsushi Eno atsushi at ximian.com
Sun Jul 24 13:03:28 EDT 2005


Rafael Mizrahi wrote:
> Hi Ben,
> After updating mono and mcs, I fail to build mono on Cygwin.
> I have checked with other "mono on Cygwin" users and I am not the only
> one who experiences this problem.
> Do we need mcs bootstrap?
> Here is the log:
> make[7]: Entering directory `/monobuild/mcs/class/corlib'
> ../../build/library.make:306: no file name for `-include'
> make all-local
> make[8]: Entering directory `/monobuild/mcs/class/corlib'
> ../../build/library.make:306: no file name for `-include'
> csc.exe /nowarn:649 /nowarn:169 /nowarn:414 -nowarn:612 -nowarn:618
> -d:INSIDE_CORLIB /nologo /optimize -d:NET_1_1 -d:ONLY_1_1 /debug+
> /debug:full /noconfig /unsafe /nostdlib /target:library
> /out:mscorlib.dll
> @../../build/deps/net_1_1_bootstrap_corlib.dll.response
> error CS1904: '414' is not a valid warning number

Maybe we could 1)remove /norwarn:414 and 2)make a change on
class.cs to not warn 414 when /langversion indicates ISO-1.

Until this problem got fixed (and funky internal error caused by
csc bug went away), yes you will need mcs bootstrap.

Atsushi Eno

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