[Mono-devel-list] plans for a native AES wrapper.

Paolo Molaro lupus at ximian.com
Thu Jul 21 13:04:37 EDT 2005

On 07/18/05 Allan Hsu wrote:
>     After last week's AES benchmarking, we've decided to write a  
> managed->native wrapper around the openssl libcrypto library for the  
> sake of performance. From my experience with embedded mono, it seems  
> straightforward enough to write a RijndaelNative class that contains  
> method declarations marked as internal calls that I will register at  
> runtime. This will work fine for the cases where I'm embedding mono  
> inside a native application, but I don't know enough about mono to  
> know if I can use this same strategy for situations in which I'm not  
> embedding mono. Is it possible to register internal calls at runtime  
> when running mono like a normal, sane person? Will this be any faster  
> than using p/Invoke?

As explained a few days ago in another mail: internal calls have
nothing to do with speed. They only belong inside the general
purpouse mono if they are generally useful or in your specialized
embedding app. So they are not appropriate as a substitute for
pinvoking into an unmanaged lib.


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