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Andreas Nahr ClassDevelopment at A-SoftTech.com
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Arena Wars is a realtime strategy/shooter combination. Was released sometime 2004 I think.
There should also be some Age of Empire Clone that is supposed to be entirely managed code, but I can't remember the name, and I'm not sure it is released yet.
Of non-games a cool one might be World Wind from NASA, which is a 3D-Globe of the earth (open source). It is streaming the textures at runtime in the background from the web (and in that respect works much better than the google app)

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  Hi Andreas,

  Do you know which .net commercial games exist? 


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    As long as you don't do any "stupid" things a gen0 garbage collection is far
    faster than what you need for a game (MUCH shorter than 20ms)
    In fact there are at least two commercial games out there that are based on
    .net and none of them has issues getting 100++ fps.
    Also tons of 3d apps exist and none of them have any perf-issues related to
    GCing, so dont worry about the GC.


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    > Dear all,
    > Please accept my apologies if a similar question has been asked, I have 
    > not been able to find a question to it.
    > .Net is an incredible step in the interroperability of languages. Nearly 
    > all software developpements can use garbage collection. Unfortunately, 
    > some others cannot like game developpement. Typically, a game cannot be 
    > reasonnably freezed more than 20 ms (50 frames per second). Sometimes 
    > requirements are even higher.
    > Is there a way with mono to disable garbage collection and use the old 
    > desalloc model?
    > Is there a way to "cheat" and instead of really desollocating an objet of 
    > a particuliar type to put it in a garbage list. This garbage list will be 
    > used for the next allocation of the same type...
    > What are your thoughts?
    > Thanks for your time,
    > Cedric
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