[Mono-devel-list] which proxy server for linux .NET Remoting

McWhorter, Eric emcwhorter at rightnow.com
Mon Jul 18 13:06:09 EDT 2005

Are there any Linux proxy servers known working with Remoting and Mono
and some version of VS?  I'm trying to use Mono to do Remoting with .NET
2 b 2 clients, which works without a proxy.  I haven't been able to get
Squid to work; it would really help if someone could let me know what
proxy server and version I should be using, or if I have to use VS 7.1
etc.  I can see my Mono server responding with HTTP to the .NET 2 b 2
client but the call never completes; there are so many variables here
it's hard for me to get any traction.
Eric McWhorter
RightNow Technologies
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