[Mono-devel-list] .NET Remoting through proxy server

McWhorter, Eric emcwhorter at rightnow.com
Fri Jul 15 22:24:36 EDT 2005

Squid 2.5, .NET 2 b 2, Mono

I took the example code from chapter 2 of Advanced .NET Remoting and am
trying to run it with the client and server on different sides of a
firewall, using Squid 2.5 as the proxy server.  Everything works fine
without the proxy, but if I try to use the proxy I see some HTTP
messages exchanged then things break down.  The Microsoft-compiled code
sends HTTP 1.1, but the Mono-compiled code sends HTTP 1.0.  My company's
Squid expert claims Squid doesn't play well with HTTP 1.0, and when I
asked why he handed me a rather thick book on proxy servers.

My question is, can Mono send HTTP 1.1 when using a HttpServerChannel to
do .NET Remoting or am I stuck with HTTP 1.0? 

Eric McWhorter
RightNow Technologies

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