[Mono-devel-list] DataView, its very weird history and its future

tsureshkumar tsureshkumar at novell.com
Thu Jul 14 08:38:17 EDT 2005

Marc Haisenko wrote:
> Hi folks,
> while investigating DataView.cs and bugs related to it I found the history of 
> this file to be a little weird.
> First a bit of background: I work for a company that works on an industry 
> project (GUI for an industrial laser) which will run on Portable .NET (aka 
> dotGNU). As you might know or not, dotGNU repackages and uses a part of 
> Mono's class library as "ml-pnet". Among other classes, the complete 
> System.Data namespace from Mono is repackaged.
> We then found a bug in Mono's DataView back in fall/winter 2004, which I fixed 
> and posted a patch. A few weeks ago we hit another bug with ml-pnet 0.7.0 
> (more on that later), I checked out the current Mono SubVersion trunk, found 
> the same source as back in fall/winter 2004 and fixed the very same bug. Now 
> it turned out that the patch doesn't apply to the DataView in ml-pnet 0.7.0 
> as that is a completely different implementation.
> While investigating this I found this weird history of this file (ISO dates):
> 2004-11-11: Implementation A: I fixed a bug, posted the patch.
> 2004-11-30: I reposted the patch
> 2004-12-01: Miguel de Icaza commits the patch (r36917)
> 2005-02-01: Implementation B: Atsushi Enomoto "mostly reimplemented" DataView 
> (r39945)
> 2005-05-11: dotGNU released 0.7.0, including Mono's DataView.cs 
> (implementation B from Atsushi Enomoto, I don't know which SubVersion 
> revision)
> 2005-05-16: Implementation A: Konstantin Triger overwrites DataView.cs while 
> "merging the Mainsoft branch to the trunk" with a version that pre-dates 
> 2004-12-01 (i.e. over half a year old), completely reverting Atsushis 
> implementation (r44547)
> 2005-07-06: I fixed the very same bug back from 2004-11-11 and posted the 
> patch. It wasn't a applied since Konstantin was concerned that there is a 
> "deeper problem" with DataView.

meanwhile, you never posted the scenario where you get the 
NullReferenceExecption. If you have given that while providing the 
patch, there would have been no arguments about the patch.

                 DataView dv = new DataView ();
                 Console.WriteLine (dv.Count);

this tiny patch has been applied again.

> 2005-07-14: Since I noticed my patch didn't go to trunk and I reposted my 
> patch
> So my question about the future of DataView: which implementation will be 
> used ? Will implementation A be continued to be used in the future or will 
> there be a revert to implementation B (the one from Atsushi Enomoto) ? E.g., 
> do I need to bother fixing the bug in implementation B or not ;-)
> C'ya,
> 	Marc

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