[Mono-devel-list] development of monodevelop: why? :P

Dominik Pich Dominik at pich.info
Wed Jul 13 04:55:25 EDT 2005

I understand monodevelop is a project 'porting' sharpdevelop to mono.
The question I ask myself why is that effort made instead of taking  
advantage of code already there: eclipse. Made for java it should be  
ideal for a managed language like c# and with its plugin architecture  
should be also well suited to be expanded.
Besides it is open source.

So I wonder why have monodevelop (which is awefully complicated to  
set up and doesn't feel native therefore. [Im on OSX btw]

Im sure there is a reason behind it all and I'd appreciate it if  
somone could tell me (a newbie with mono) why we need our own IDE  
instead of writing a plugin for eclipse like it was done for C/C++  
and php.


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