[Mono-devel-list] issue on runtime

anacronique anacronique at gmail.com
Sun Jul 3 20:51:35 EDT 2005

Hello people, I'm newbie here, so correct me if I'm in the wrong place...
 The thing is that: After compile mono 1.1.8 in a Slack box I'm getting this 
with some projects
(the ones i've compiled) on the runtime. I think i have some mistake in my 
setup; I have to hack Tomboy 
to seem alive.
 Thanks so much in advance.
[tomboy] f-spot

Unhandled Exception: System.DllNotFoundException: 
in (wrapper managed-to-native) FSpot.ImageView:f_image_view_new ()
in <0x0001c> FSpot.ImageView:.ctor ()
in <0x0001f> FSpot.PhotoImageView:.ctor (FSpot.PhotoQuery query)
in <0x001ed> PhotoView:.ctor (FSpot.PhotoQuery query, .PhotoStore 
in <0x00abc> MainWindow:.ctor (.Db db)
in <0x00134> Driver:Main ( System.String[] args)

[tomboy] tomboy
Trying Plugin: ExportToHTML.dll ... ExportToHTMLPlugin. Done.
Trying Plugin: PrintNotes.dll ... PrintPlugin. Done.

Unhandled Exception: System.DllNotFoundException: libtomboy.so
in (wrapper managed-to-native) Tomboy.TomboyTrayIcon:egg_tray_icon_new(string)
in <0x0002b> Tomboy.TomboyTrayIcon:.ctor (Tomboy.NoteManager manager) 
in <0x00022> Tomboy.TomboyTrayIcon:.ctor ()
in <0x00019> Tomboy.Tomboy:StartTrayIcon ()
in <0x000d8> Tomboy.Tomboy:Main (System.String[] args)
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