[Mono-devel-list] Mono and Ubuntu 5.10 Release Schedule

Brandon Hale brandon at smarterits.com
Sun Jul 3 12:16:23 EDT 2005

Freezes are hitting this week for the next Ubuntu release, shipping in
October.  Release schedule:

You will note July 7 is upstream version freeze, meaning future version
updates require approval.  Most of the Mono stack is in a pretty good
state for Breezy, and will only need bug fixes between now and closer to
release pushed through.

Now for the bad news.  A key component of the Mono stack, Monodevelop
requires gtk-sharp2.  These bindings are also already useful in their
own right, and used by other applications.  Clearly, I would like to
ship gtk-sharp2 and Monodevelop as first-class components of Ubuntu.

As you know, the gtk-sharp2 API is unstable.  Shipping it in its current
form gives us no guarantee of software working on the stable Ubuntu
release some weeks/months later.

I've already spoken with Mike, Ben, and Miguel on IRC, but I would
appreciate any creative solutions to either API or scheduling issues
that you can come up with.

Brandon Hale

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