[Mono-devel-list] Building gmcs with C# Express Beta

Kamil Skalski nazgul at nemerle.org
Thu Jan 27 16:31:07 EST 2005

Dnia czwartek, 27 stycznia 2005 22:06, Martin Baulig napisał:
> What you describe is exactly the reason for this.  I also don't think
> it'd make any sense to spend any effort in this direction until the APIs
> in .NET 2.0 are stable, documented and won't change anymore.

Right. Probably it is not primary concern for mono team, but there is still 
possiblilty that MS won't fix all those issues till VS 2005 release. So it is 
always a good idea to communicate to them what we expect to work.

I'm not suggesting that mono team (especially Martin) should devote any time 
for this. The bug I mentioned is so far an effective blocker for using S.R.E 
to compile generics, so currently there is no much need for futher 
investigations. After this gets fixed, I will try to proceed with my 

What I suggest is maybe spending some time for discussing missing APIs in 
generics (another one I opened: 
and report them to MS, which is the "owner" of those APIs.
For example why is that 'Mono_GetGenericFieldDefinition' needed by gmcs?

Kamil Skalski

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