[Mono-devel-list] Which Provider?

Nicholas Perez nicholasrperez at gmail.com
Wed Jan 26 16:05:23 EST 2005

I keep stumbling all over myself with SQLite when it comes to the
ADO.NET paradigm. This time it's a NotImplementedException on the
GetEnumerator on the SqliteParameterCollection. Now, I wouldn't mind
writing patches for this (I really like the idea of SQLite and use it
frequently in perl), but I don't necessarily have the time at the
moment. So my question is this: which provider is the most complete in
terms of functionality of providing IDbCommands to the adapter,
manuplating an untyped dataset and then doing an Update() and have it
automagically work? And I guess my last restriction would be the added
restraint of only having a mono-1.0.4 environment (the debian unstable
packages haven't been updated to 1.0.5 last time I check).

Now I realize I might be opening some sort of floodgate into the whole
topic, but I am just looking for something That Works (tm) and some
simple recomendations. I am really trying to avoid doing things the
hard way, if that makes any sense. But if the hard way is the only
way, then I will just suck it up and work around things.

Thanks for putting up with my completely no0b questions and not
flaming me off from the get go :)


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